Freedom to practice medicine the way you want.

Launch, grow, and operate your own personalized medicine practice. With Vibrant it's faster, cheaper, and easier than going at it alone.

Technology and a team to help you build the practice of your dreams.

Zero business knowledge required

The future of medicine is Vibrant

Relationship Driven VS Impersonal

Build a trusted, long-term relationship with your patients. No more faceless, nameless care.

Holistic & Preventive VS Sickcare

Launch a membership-based model that aligns you and your patients. Optimize for prevention and breaking the endless cycle of sick, reactive care.

Personalized VS One-size-fits-all

Leverage a tech-forward care platform that allows you to incorporate more advanced data sources in your practice. Generate individualized care plans for your patients, as unique as they are.

Everything you need to start and grow your own personalized medicine practice

When you partner with us, we help you build your practice faster, for less upfront and with the potential to earn 50-100% more than going it alone. We're with you every step of the way.


Cheaper and faster legal services, credentialing, financial planning, practice, and operations design


Quicky get set up with best-in-class technology and support to run your practice end-to-end.


We'll generate your unique online presence, run ads and bring clients in the door to help you grow your practice with a dedicated Patient acquisition team.

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Independent practices deserve the technology and expertise typically found only in large health systems.

We are on a mission to power the next generation of clinician-entrepreneurs to deliver world-class care. We’ve partnered with leaders in advanced diagnostics and early detection, along with AI-native technology providers to bring you a supercharged platform to launch your personalized medicine practice.

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Frequently Asked

What is VIBRANT?

We help MDs/DOs/NPs/PAs build their own membership-based practices within the clinical focus areas of lifestyle/integrative/functional/longevity medicine and chronic disease reversal. We let you focus on your patient relationships and guarantee your autonomy. We take care of the rest through a mix of services and AI-native technology via an MSO structure.

How much can I earn with VIBRANT?

It depends on your ideal panel size, practice design, and local market dynamics. Based on these factors, we build a clear financial model to understand your earnings potential.

How much does it cost me?

We know the biggest barrier to getting started can be the financial burden, so it doesn’t cost anything to get started with Vibrant. We align incentives by working with you for no upfront cost and charging a percentage of your membership revenue as you grow. We ask for a mutual 3-year commitment – when you grow, we grow.

Am I a good fit for VIBRANT?

Vibrant will be a great fit for you if you are a Physician, NP, or Physician Assistant and care deeply about relationship-centered, high-quality patient care. You should also be excited about practicing Advanced Primary Care and lifestyle, integrative, or functional medicine.

Do I have to start an in-person practice?

If you’re just getting started, we recommend starting virtual-first before transitioning to an in-person practice. We can help you plan carefully for every step along the way.

Do I have to accept insurance?

It’s up to you. Our platform can natively accommodate pure Direct Primary Care models (membership-only) or membership-plus-insurance-based practices. To build a scalable, sustainable practice that focuses on prevention and wellness, we require all our practices to charge a membership fee (which varies based on practice type and geography).

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