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At Vibrant, we empower clinicians to shape the future of healthcare. With our AI-driven platform and strategic partnerships, clinicians can easily build thriving personalized medicine practices.


Save time, stress, and money with VIBRANT’s launch playbooks. We help you open a compliant and lucrative membership-based practice.


Personalized practice design and financial model consult

Legal templates

Credentialing and enrollment if you take insurance

Your own brand, care journeys, and pricing model


Quickly get set up on best-in-class technology, expert systems, and playbooks to reduce the stress of running your own personalized-medicine practice.


Preferred vendor setup for Electronic Health Records, messaging, telemedicine, scribing, Revenue Cycle Management, HR, billing, and bookkeeping

Use of the VIBRANT Platform. We have designed it specifically for advanced data collection and AI decision-support for lifestyle, integrative, or functional practices.

Group purchasing discounts


Build the thriving practice of your dreams.


Receive full support on paid marketing across social, SEO strategy, and online presence

Retain patients with an engaging consumer-focused mobile app

Drive up your online reputation and 5-star reviews

Am I a good fit?

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The ideal Vibrant clinician will be a Physician, NP, or Physician Assistant with some experience in a primary care or emergency care clinical setting. You also care deeply about relationship-centered, high-quality patient care and are curious about the latest advancements in care. You are likely excited about practicing Advanced Primary Care and lifestyle, integrative, or functional medicine. We’ll start with a phone call to get to know you better and share more about our process.

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Book your free practice strategy session today with our practice advisors. We’ll discuss your goals, our partnership process, and the next steps to build your dream practice.

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